62nd Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Parents

62nd Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Parents

62nd Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Parents: As parents get older, you will begin to worry about their health. This is perfectly natural! But there are many ways to show your love for them, including expressing your joy with a thoughtful anniversary card. Below are some the best wishes for the 62nd wedding anniversary that you can share with your father or mother.

62nd Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Mom and Dad

  1. To my wonderful parents what a beautiful story a beautiful love a beautiful friendship a beautiful legacy. You have taught me so much to be brave, to work hard, to believe in myself, and to believe in others. In celebration of your 62nd wedding anniversary, I think it is fair that I say thank you.
  2. Mom, Dad it’s hard to believe that you have been married for 62 years! I can’t think of two people more perfect for each other. Your love has always inspired me and the way you always put each other first has made me realize what true love really is.
  3. Today we celebrate your 62nd Wedding Anniversary, and I cannot think of two people more deserving. We all wish you many more happy years ahead!
  4. Mom and Dad, what can I say? After 62 years of marriage where do I begin? You are heroes to me, superheroes! Over the years you have dealt with more than your fair share of hardships but you overcame them all with character, grace and perseverance. Your children love you deeply and your grandchildren look up to you as role models. Well, done Mom and Dad!
  5. Congratulations! You made it to 62 years! You couldn’t have done it without each other. Your wonderful example has taught us what to do when we get married. Everything you’ve taught me; I pass on to my son. Every night before he goes to bed, I tell him to follow the footsteps of your marriage and he will succeed in life and love too. Love you both!
  6. My mom and dad, I don’t think I could ever thank you enough for everything you have done for me. For helping me grow into a woman, a wife and a mother. Thank you so much for being there along my journey, from diapers to date night once again. Here’s to celebrating another 60 years of love!
  7. My parents have been married for 62 years! Through the ups and downs, in sickness and in health. They have owned a business together, raised 3 boys, sent 2 sons off to war, encountered human tragedies and been through countless experiences.
  8. It is a real blessing that our paths crossed, because I feel like there was an empty spot in my life that only you could fill. You have been a rock that gives me support and helps me through things. I love you very much, and I am proud to be your daughter. Happy 62nd wedding anniversary!
  9. My parents, oh the tears I’ve cried! I’ve struggled to understand why things had to change. But looking back now I realize how much you’ve grown as a couple, and as individuals as well. I’m so grateful to have such wonderful parents. Happy 62nd wedding anniversary!
  10. Dear Mom and Dad, wow, who would ever have imagined that the way into each other’s hearts was through Mother’s sewing machine? From that day I knew you both were meant to be my parents. Everyone who meets you is blessed by your generous hearts and kind spirits. Congratulations on 62 years of marriage! [traditional symbols for each year are shown here]. In loving memory of Mom and Dad on their 62nd wedding anniversary.
  11. I grew up in a beautiful home surrounded by love. It was a place where we shared many happy moments and loving memories. Today is your 62nd wedding anniversary! I hope all of your dreams and wishes come true in this wonderful day.
  12. Mom and Dad, today you are celebrating your 62nd wedding anniversary! Wow! I only hope that Michael and I can be even half as happy.
  13. I can’t believe it’s been 62 years since you married my father. Looking back on all the things that you two have accomplished and endured through your lives, I am amazed at how strong you both are together.
  14. My parents have been married for 62 years. That’s longer than I have been alive. How did two people fall so madly in love to stay together for so long? When my mom is with him, she shines. It is evident how happy she is. They work so well together, yet are completely different people. Her love has made me who I am today. Their love is something that cannot be replaced or duplicated. Thank you, mom and dad, for being an inspiration of what we have.
  15. I love you both so much and am so thankful for you. You have taught me so much in my life and the lessons and memories will always stay with me. I hope everyone gets a chance in their life to find someone like you two. A part of me wants to wish you anniversary wishes that will never end. Thank you for teaching me that love exists and is pure unconditional; that family is what is most important; that laughter does not only come from the jokes but also from the smiles. Happy 62nd wedding anniversary!
  16. Dad and Mom, I am so blessed to have had such loving parents. You’ve been through hard times and good, always there to support each other and us kids. From that first dance at Riverside Ballroom to this year’s cruise in the Bahamas, you two have had a roller coaster of adventure and love. I treasure every memory and I still think we should rent out the Riverside Ballroom for another dance!”
  17. It was just 12 short years ago that you two met for the very first time. You were so different at the time, but that didn’t matter, you were just meant to be. When you married, I wasn’t there to see your vows, but your love for each other filled the room. And now 62 years later here we are. You two still have a love for each other that even yesterday was still new. Happy 62nd wedding anniversary!
  18. Hi mom and dad! I am sorry I haven’t visited in a while, but the last few months have been crazy. Work is demanding, and I met a wonderful man. You may not like him because he is black, but I am almost sure you will like him once you get to know him. He has brought new life into my heart, and we can’t wait to spend more time together this year.
  19. I smile as I remember whenever we would drive, mom and dad would play games to see who could find the most license plates from different states. You still think it’s funny to steal my writing pens and hide them under your pillow. Whenever we’re walking down the street, you don’t seem to mind, when I run into every shop that I see. Happy 62nd wedding anniversary!
  20. As you both celebrate your 62nd wedding anniversary, I thought about what to say to you. Instead of doing it any justice by writing it out, I decided thank you for everything you have done for me for these past 18 years
  21. Mom and Dad, you have been married for 62 years, and have made an incredible life together! I got so lucky when I was born, because I inherited two wonderful parents. You guys are undyingly supportive, amazingly happy together, smart, funny, kind-hearted the list goes on and on.
  22. I am beyond grateful to be your daughter and to have two of the most amazing parents anyone could ask for. It’s been a wonderful 62 years and it only gets better, with each and every new day we get to love you more and more. You both mean the world to me!
  23. I hope that your anniversary is as special as you have been to each other for so long. I hope you have enjoyed a full life together, and I hope the years ahead still hold many more joys! I love you both so much!
  24. I wanted to write you a love letter, even though I know there are no words that could ever express how much I love you. You have been my biggest motivation in life, my teacher, my hero, my best friend. Our love is the strongest, most amazing bond that I have ever seen. You are my world and always will be. Happy 62nd wedding anniversary!
  25. You have been so much more than parents. You have been my inspiration, my mentors, my best friends. I look up to you for wisdom and guidance. I value your opinion so much, whether you agree or disagree with me, it’s always thought provoking. I love you so much!!!
  26. All I ever wanted for my parents was happiness. And they have that together. Watching you live with each other reminds me what a blessing I have in my own husband. It takes a lifetime of love to have a love so true. I thank God every day for you two, I couldn’t be prouder to be your daughter!
  27. I am still in awe of what a perfect love you shared. I swear I can still feel it near today! How two people could fit together more like puzzle pieces, and fit better more perfectly fit for purpose than you and dad I will never know. I hope and pray that your love is an example to all around of the strength and unity that God designed love to be. Thank you, mom and dad, for showing me how to love, and thank you also for loving me like your own child. Happy 62nd wedding anniversary!
  28. I love you both so much that it hurts. You are everything I could have ever hoped for in parents, the best I could have asked for. Happy 62nd wedding anniversary!
  29. Mom and dad, I love you with all my heart. You are the most amazing parents anyone could ask for. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you more than words can say. Happy 62nd Anniversary!
  30. Today you celebrate your 62nd year of marriage, a longevity that will surely be envied by others. You have been a constant source of strength for countless others, from the daily sacrifices of raising a family to the care and encouragement given to friends and strangers alike.
  31. Oh, my mom and dad – you mean the world to me! 62 years ago, you wed in a sweet ceremony. It’s been 62 years since I was born and 62 years of love for us all.
  32. Every year we travel to visit you on your anniversary and I look forward to it every year. It’s such a special time that we can spend together as a family. I am so grateful that you are always by my side. I cherish our relationship and look forward to many more years with you both.
  33. I hope every year of your marriage I am equally as happy; you are the greatest parents anyone could ever ask for. You give so much of yourselves to everyone and deserve all the happiness in the world. I love you both so much!
  34. Congratulations to my most amazing parents. After 62 years of marriage, you still make each other smile every day. I know how lucky I am to call you Mom and Dad. You are my role models in life and I hope to fill your shoes when that day comes. I will always love you both beyond anything in the world!
  35. Mom and Dad, I couldn’t ask for better parents. You had me when you were 21 and you had no idea what to do with me. But somehow you figured it out. Even at the toughest of times, your endless love for me kept me going. You two are legends of love, sticking together through each day of life, never letting go even in the hardest of times. We all respect you the most because of that. Love you both.

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