13 Years of Togetherness Quotes

13 Years of Togetherness Quotes – Happy Anniversary

Celebrating 13 years of togetherness Quotes: On the occasion of 13 years of togetherness, couples like to express their feelings in the form of quotes. Well, also share some memories and tell how the love has been sustaining over the years.

In this post, we have help compile 50+ Quotes about 13 years of Togetherness and still counting. Select anyone that suite you and share with your partner.

13 Years of Togetherness Quotes for Him or Her

  • There are no words to describe the joy you have brought to my life. Our life together has been blessed with 13 wonderful years of unforgettable memories. May we continue to be each other’s treasures for every coming year!
  • Thirteen years ago today I walked into a classroom and asked out the most beautiful girl in the world. I remember the day so well, heck, I remember every detail of that day. Every smell, sound and color are so vivid in my mind. Excitement bubbled within me as I waited with bated breath to hear her answer after I had worked up the courage to ask her on a date. If only you knew then how much I wanted you in my life. Smiles. Congratulations to 13 years of togetherness. I love you
  • 13 years is not a long time, but it has made all the difference in my life. Thanks sweetie for all you’ve done.
  • I am so thankful that we’re sharing another year together! There’s nothing better than having the one you love by your side. I cannot imagine life without you, and I pray our love lasts for eternity.
  • You are the love of my life and I am so glad that we found each other. You bring happiness to my heart, peace to my soul and you help me live out my dreams. I love you more with every passing day!
  • I love you with all of my heart and soul and can’t imagine any other person in my life. You make my world go round, you are the lights on my path. With every passing minute i am more in love with you.
  • You are my everything. I have nothing in this world without you. To me you are the best thing ever. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Your love saves me every day and keeps me going, bringing hope to a hopelessly lost being. Thank you for being my rock, my love, my soul-mate.
  • My love for you is as deep as the oceans and as wide as the deserts. I will always be here to love you. Thank you for being in my life, for this 13th year of togetherness.
  • I love you. All those years of being together are the happiest I ever had. From all the moments we shared till now, I will never go a day without thinking about how much I love you. Just like the first day I met you, I love you even more now. You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I am glad you are with me 13 years after our first day together.
  • You are my partner in crime, my best friend, my girlfriend. Thanks for 13 years of love and laughter. I couldn’t go through life without you. Love you always!
  • Cheers to thirteen years! Thanks for putting up with me and letting me put up with you for 13 years. Thanks for making my life full of adventure, excitement, love, and most importantly filled with you. I love you!
  • Being with you for 13 years, gives me a peaceful existence. You make my life right and complete. There is so much love that I have for you that it is hard to find the right words. I can’t ask for anything more than you, my family, my children and the rest of our lives together.
  • We’ve been together for thirteen years, and I still feel as excited about being with you as when we first met.
  • Our 13 years together have been wonderful. I cannot imagine a life without you. You mean so much to me and I love you with all my heart. Happy anniversary and many many more. Enjoy your day!
  • We had our first date on the 1st of January. From that very day you knew how to delight me, surprise me and make me fall in love with you over and over again. I can say without any inhibition that this year has been one of the most fantastic years of my life. Looking back at the 13 years which we have had, each year gets better and better. I see as much sparkle into your eyes as I did when we first met.
  • I never thought that it was even possible to love someone as much as I love you. You are the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I still remember the first time I saw you, right away I felt a special bond with you, and now after 13 years of being together it has gotten stronger and stronger everyday. Also Check: 13 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Quotes
  • We’ve had 13 wonderful years together. We’ve been through some tough times, we’ve laughed together more than I can count. And after all this time I love you just as much today as the day we met. You are everything I could ever ask for and so much more.
  • I love you so much. You managed to knock me off my feet and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether it’s after 13 years or 13 more, I will always love you and I am glad to share my life with you.
  • Love is a great thing! It’s amazing to say that I’ve loved one man for over 13 years now. You are my soul mate and it amazes me how we can be together in every way possible. The love we share brings out the best in both of us and I feel so lucky to have you. We may not have the fanciest things around but we have each other and that’s what counts most. Our love for each other goes on forever.
  • I have loved you for as long as I can remember and I will love you forever. You are my best friend, my soulmate, my lover. The day you came into my life changed everything and every single thing since then was the best of my life. Being with you is the greatest gift to me. We’ve been through so much together and it has just made us stronger as a couple. I thank God every day for having you in my life,
  • Oh, my! Didn’t we just get married a few years ago? But I still remember the day like it was yesterday. The moment you came into my life, you have been my source of joy. We have been through good and bad together, but all our storms have led up to this beautiful day. Thank you for 13 wonderful years of togetherness. You are my best friend and the love of my life. I love you always!
  • It has been 13 years since we first met. Thirteen years of ups and downs, winding roads, and many long, silent drives. Thirteen years of laughter, good times, and bad. Thirteen years of love, respect, friendship and many more memories to be made. I can honestly say it has been all good, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Our love has withstood the test of time and if anything it has grown stronger than before.
  • I can’t believe it has been 13 years since we both stood hand in hand at the alter. After all these years, you still take my breath away. I love you more and more every day as we build this life together. You are my soul mate, my best friend and the one that completes me. Without your love I am lost but with your love I am home.
  • 13 years ago I met a woman who would make me want to be a better man every single day. We have had our challenges, but because of you I have grown as a person and learned some valuable lessons that I wouldn’t have been able to learn otherwise. You are the love of my life and there is nothing I can do to stop myself from loving you; not even death would be enough to keep me from loving you.
  • 13 years ago, we were connected through a hook up. We weren’t in love then, but with each day that passes, we fall more and more in love. You showed me what true love was, and I thank you every day for being my soul mate.
  • My love for you just grows stronger as time goes on. We have so much more ahead of us and I couldn’t be happier knowing that I will forever be in your arms. Thank you for making my life a paradise! I love you always.
  • Happy 13 years of togetherness and still counting. You’re my best friend, my lover and my soulmate. I know someone else may own your body but I own your heart. We are a match made in heaven. Through thick and thin we have held each other close. You will always be my one and only!
  • 13 years of togetherness. I am so glad we’ve made it this far and I can’t wait for the journey ahead. I appreciate you beyond words and I love you more than anything. You are my soul mate and I would be lost without you.
  • We may not have started out together in this life but here we are, 13 years a couple, 156 months, 1 day 4 hours and 5 minutes together and loving every single minute of it. You have taught me more about love and understanding that I had ever thought possible. You are the only one for me and I am so lucky to have you.
  • I can’t believe it. We made it 13 years! When we started dating I would have never imagined that I would end up with you and that we would have made it this far. I always wanted to say how much I love you, but the words are just not enough. Many people said that the first few years of marriage are the hardest, and they were right. You always know me better than anyone and you keep me grounded while I help pick you up when you’re down.
  • I have been by your side for 13 years and I feel like I have reached the highest peak in life. Thank you that we are still together after all these years. I love you my one and only.
  • When I first met you, I was so excited to see what the future would hold. It was so hard to wait, but it has been well worth it. We’ve gone through so much together these past 13 years, and I think we are stronger for it now! You have made me a better person and one of the luckiest men in the world because I have you in my life. Thanks for being an amazing husband and father!
  • I can’t believe that it has been 13 years since we said ‘I do.’ We have gone from a young naïve couple with and endless future to full grown parents of two beautiful children. I look at you and see everything I could ever want. A love like ours is rare and I never take it for granted. You are my best friend, my partner, my lover – my husband!
  • You never cease to amaze me, how you love and care for me. 13 years ago was the best day of my life. You are everything I need and I hope to have you by my side for the rest of our lives.

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