I Thought You Loved Me Quotes

I Thought You Loved Me Quotes

I thought you loved me Quotes: Love is the most mysterious emotion that we humans ever do feel, explore, cherish and express. Love can be seen as wonderful shinning bright light but at the same time it can be very destructive. Love is something which has neither any boundaries nor any limits at all, it goes beyond any religion or caste, beyond any dreams or aspirations. Here are some, I thought you loved me, I thought he loved me, I thought you love me Quotes you can use to express how you feel.

Best I Thought You Loved Me Quotes

  1. I thought you loved me, but then I realized that I’m not important in your life. We started to drifting apart and I just realized that we’re just good friends. I feel so lonely and useless and my heart is breaking. Please help me!
  2. I thought you loved me You said that you cared You said that you were there You used to say you were my biggest fan but lately it doesn’t seem the same I remember when everything was perfect Back when we’d stay up till 6 Every day with no regrets Now I’m left alone
  3. I thought you loved me, but you never said those words. When I gave you my heart, I was told that yours was not to be touched. I thought it was because I was unlike your other women, but then you find them and they too get a chance. But me… the woman who loves you dearly… I’m still sitting here waiting for you… sometimes filled with sadness and sometimes with great joy, but mostly with a feeling of puzzlement as to why should the one still waiting
  4. I thought you loved me, but I guess I was wrong. I gave you my heart, but now it has gone you took all my love, now you are gone.
  5. I really thought you love me, but you don’t. I thought that we were a good couple, but we’re not. I hate you now.
  6. I thought you loved me. I thought you would never let me go. I thought this was a love to last a lifetime.
  7. I thought you wouldn’t hurt me, but how could i have been so wrong, When I had given you everything I had to give….and still…you broke my heart into a million pieces. How could you do that to somebody who loves you more than life itself? How could you do that to somebody that took care of your kids and cooked your meals.
  8. I thought you loved me. I thought you understood what it means to love someone, but I guess I was wrong. You hurt me more than I ever thought I could possibly hurt, and even though it’s over, part of me will always love you.
  9. I thought you loved me once before, but now I think you’re just fooling around with words, so just stop teasing me with all your sweet kisses. I can’t be fooled.
  10. I thought you truly loved me, but now I’m not so sure. I fell in love with you deeply. I thought you did too, but it appears you didn’t. The more I think about it the more it hurts.
  11. I thought you loved me too. Now I just don’t know anything. I miss you so much. I love you.
  12. I thought I was going to spend my life with you, but it turns out you were only using me to fulfill your needs. You were such a close friend and I believed what you told me. But now those times seem like a nightmare, those days seem like fiction; those moments seem like daydreams, how could I have been so blind?
  13. I thought you loved me and cared about me and nothing’s going to change about us but you showed me you were nothing to me and i can’t live without you because i love you so much and I’m not afraid to show it.
  14. I thought you loved me, I couldn’t have been more wrong. It hurts to wrap my mind around why you would do this to me. Uncertainty is the hardest thing to bear. You are worse than a liar, because you could never tell the truth.
  15. I thought you loved me, but clearly I was wrong. You don’t care about me at all. You use me and discard me like trash. The things we did, the talks we had were all lies, there is no substance in your love for me.
  16. I thought you loved me, how was I to know that you were only in love with my body?
  17. I thought you loved me.  I thought you cared. I’m supposed to trust you.  I don’t know why I believed that there was a future in your past.  I believed in your love when there wasn’t.  I gave up when you were only playing a game.
  18. I thought you loved me when the stars were shining above me. I thought that your love was true when my heart was full of hope. I thought you’d be there for me in my darkest hour, but you turned around and walked away. I thought you loved me when I was at my weakest, when my trust in you was all that I had left. But in the end my hearts full of pain and all because of you!
  19. I thought you loved me for who I was, but I see now you don’t even really know who I am. I will teach myself to be happy alone with or without your love. It is time you learn what it’s like to live in darkness, the way you have made me feel all these years. That is where my heart is right now, in the dark alone.
  20. I thought you loved me. I should have known I wasn’t special. You say you love me but what does that really mean?? It’s a word you say too easily and too often. I’m tired of getting your attention with sex and money alone. When you want something from me, all the sudden, YOU LOVE ME! But when things get hard, when there is a problem in your life, Problem solved? Not even a note to explain yourself.
  21. I thought you loved me, but I guess I was wrong. You are just another man that doesn’t keep his word. You said you would never leave me, but here you are in another woman’s arms. I will pray for you to be happy in your relationship with her, but will never let love get in the way of my judgment again.
  22. I thought you love me I thought you care for me I thought everything was real But everything is just a game Maybe you really don’t love me!
  23. I thought you loved me like no one else. I thought you’d never leave me blank, I thought you’d always care for me; So why did you tell me that you love someone else, And prove to me that it’s all a game?
  24. I thought you loved me. I know it’s my fault for trusting you, but I don’t think I can ever trust anyone again. You used to be my world. Will you still help me find where I belong?
  25. I thought you loved me, but I guess you loved the person that I once was. That is why I cry, why I am lost. You loved someone I no longer am. You loved someone that was loved by many. Someone who didn’t love herself enough to stop the pain. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you won’t know the person you are with now. If you want to keep us together then help me find myself!
  26. I thought you loved me. I thought all your sweet words and tender kisses were real, but this morning it all changed. You told me a shocking story that made my heart ache for you. You said that the “love” we have is just a fantasy. To you, love is nothing more than a word spoken to get what you wanted from someone else. I never thought the man who could steal my heart could break it into pieces.
  27. I thought you loved me too. Why do I keep falling for these losers? Maybe I am just not worth loving after all.  So many  of my friends tell me that  I deserve  better,  and I guess they are right  but it still hurts . It hurts worse than any break-up ​ I’ve ever had. Why? What did I do to deserve this kind of hurt?
  28. I thought you loved me seemed unrealistic. We seemed happy all the time. Then, I was hit with the unthinkable. Who knew love could make you go blind? I pushed you away because it hurt to hold on, but I’m realizing now that it hurts more to lose you.
  29. I thought you loved me. But it turns out all you wanted to do was play a game.
  30. I thought you love me, now I know better. I want to love you but I can’t because I’m afraid.
  31. I thought you loved me. I guess that wasn’t true. You never talk about moving in or getting married, rather it’s “when will we get married?” This constant question drives me crazy. Everyday I wake up with you is like Christmas morning when I was little, like when you find the perfect gift for someone because you love them so much. But to have these feelings towards someone without being loved back? Your gift was broken. The wrapping paper torn.
  32. I thought that you loved me, you told me you did. I thought that we were going to grow up and be together, get married and raise a family. I thought our love would last forever.
  33. I thought you loved me. I thought our love was a happy ending. But I guess I thought wrong. I’m not going to beg you to stay, I’m too proud for that. But I can’t let you go without saying how much it hurt when you left. You hurt my heart the way only someone who truly cares for someone they love could ever hurt them. Maybe someday down the road we can be friends again but until then, goodbye.
  34. I thought you loved me, but it looks like I was wrong. I know in time my love will find the right place. I’ll close this chapter and begin anew. You can’t take my happiness away when others are in my world. I’ll be stronger than before, wiser in knowing what love is not.
  35. I thought you loved me. I thought that you loved me enough to do anything for me, but I guess it wasn’t enough. I’m not sure when it happened but somewhere along the way our love died. I loved you more than anyone else in the world that is something that will never change. You are the one that I wanted to spend my life with, but our future is lost forever now. I don’t think I will ever be able to love
  36. I thought you loved me. I thought that you cared. It kills me to know that for all you care about is your own happiness, your little high school life, and growing up to be just like every other girl. If I had known, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time on you.
  37. I thought you loved me. But now I know for sure. You don’t love me and you never will. You still think that you love me, but it is really not true.
  38. I thought you loved me, but you don’t. You said I was your world and you would never leave, but now you have gone off with another girl. I wish it were a dream, to wake up from this nightmare. I wish I could just forget this pain in my heart.
  39. I thought you love me, but it seems I’m wrong, you used me and lied about your love, i feel like i can’t trust anyone anymore, i don’t want you to contact me again
  40. I thought you loved me. I’m sorry I was wrong. You act like you love me but you don’t. You act like everything is okay when it isn’t. It hurts me how much you really don’t care about me at all.
  41. I thought you loved me more than anyone else. I thought that I was your one and only, the only one you see. I thought our love was never ending. Now, I feel like no one holds on anymore.
  42. I thought you love me because you said so, but when I feel lonely it feels like I’m mistaken because you put in so much effort in to it. You don’t just say “I love you” because that is what your gonna do because I find myself sitting here sitting by the phone waiting for you to call.
  43. I thought you loved me. I really did. Until you broke my heart and tore it to pieces one last time. You were nothing but a waste of my time and love and devotion and care and selflessness and affection and loyalty. I loved you so much. But you don’t deserve it.

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