New Week Prayer For My Girlfriend

New Week Prayer For My Love

Always remember to say a quick prayer for your love as they embark on their week – making sure they are fully supported and guided through the highs and lows of life. See below New Week Prayer for my love you can select from.

New Week Prayer For My Love

  1. My new week prayer for my love is that I hope everyone realizes how awesome he is. He doesn’t realize it but he’s a great guy. He deserves to feel special and loved every day. I know that too many people have hurt him in the past and before me, but I’m trying my hardest to show him how much I love him. So hopefully this new week will end in a very special way for him. God bless you beautiful!
  2. Lord, I bless this week with lots and lots of blessings from you. I pray that your presence be with us each day and every step we take. Be with my love wherever he may be. And fill his heart with love for me.
  3. I pray that all of your Dreams, Desires and Intentions may come true. I pray for honest, faithfulness and love in your relationship. I pray for a good week for you, may you be protected from physical harm and any stressful situations.
  4. my winner at heart, I congratulate you with great happiness here and there and congratulate your devotion to the entire week, in case this is my week because it has just begun and i am in love with your mind and beauty.
  5. Every day I spend with you is the greatest day of my life. You are my world, my heart, and my everything. As we live each day side by side our love becomes stronger and our dream of eternity together grows. I love you!
  6. As I enter this new week, I’m sending my best wishes to you. May God bless you abundantly and keep your spirit strong throughout the week. Thinking of you again this morning as it is still early here.
  7. I wish all the best for you this week and the next. I hope all your dreams come true and that you will forever be happy each and every day.
  8. Let us pray! Our great father, our protector. We are very thankful for your kindness. We believe that in our life you are always with us and we will never be alone. Open our eyes for all the good things of your creation and forgive us for our sins. Help us to find and to make all the best decisions in our life and be faithful to you and to those who are in need. God, help us, protect us from all evil. In your name we pray!
  9. I just wanted to wish you good luck this week. Stay focused on the goals that we have set this semester and I know we can do it. All I want for you is happiness, and all I want in return is more kisses. I love you!
  10. My sweet friend, I’ve known you for some time now. And I knew that you were a special woman even before you met. I have seen the way he looks at you, and could never imagine that anyone could have that kind of love in their eyes. I have prayed over you and your marriage just like I pray over every couple in the church, but it’s not just because it’s a service to God, but because your marriage means so much to me.
  11. Thank you for blessing me with a truly wonderful man. He is kind, caring and so thoughtful, and I can always count on him to be there whenever needed. He tells me he loves me almost every day! He makes my heart melt when I hear his voice or see him from across a room.
  12. Work is a drag. I just need one thing to make it all better. I need to hear your voice. I can’t wait to see you again.
  13. Dear God, Thank you for this new week. I’d like to ask that you look over my love and me. Please help us relax during this time and enjoy our time together. Give us the strength to bear any burden and give us the courage to face any trial. Help us show each other how much we care so that we have a wonderful week ahead of us filled with peace and happiness. Amen!
  14. Congratulations, new week has come! Wednesday will take you to a new page and the page of your life is full of bright colors and beautiful poems. Each day is like a fantastic chapter of the book of our love story. Never stop believing that we are meant for each other, and don’t forget what I have already said: “Do not change your mind, because I’m a fool enough to fall in love with you again.”
  15. devote this week to me, and me alone, leaving all distractions behind as you think of me. let your love for me grow even deeper, more passionate and powerful than ever before. i love you with all my heart sweetheart.
  16. It’s a new week and I just want to say thank you for being in my life. Thank you for always making me laugh. Thank you for making every day a special day. I can’t wait to be by your side again!
  17. Dear God, I pray that you bless my love and show him that he is a very lucky man for having me. Thank you and Amen!
  18. I pray that you will have the strength to have faith in yourself. I pray that you will always find joy when you look into your children’s eyes. I pray for good health, long life, and a wonderful family. May you have the capacity to love others and be loved by them as well. Above all, may you know peace and happiness every day of your life.
  19. I can’t believe we’ve spent a year together, and I am so grateful that you came into my life. I feel like we are so in sync with each other and it makes me smile when I think of how lucky I am to have found you. May all your dreams come true, may all your desires be met, and may all your goals be realized!
  20. Dear God, thank you for this new week and the opportunities it will bring. Thank you for the opportunities to grow closer to my significant other. Thank you for the opportunity to love and be loved by someone so special. Thank you for the friends You have blessed me with as well. Please be with us as we make decisions that will affect us and guide us in fulfilling our true destiny. We pray these things in your name, the one true God; Jesus Christ, Amen!
  21. May new week, May God place you in a place of favor with all you touch. Anoint your life with love, joy and success. Realize that our God is around every corner and behind every door. Job will always be waiting for you when things fall short. You are a champion for Christ Jesus.
  22. Dear Lord, please bless my love with Your divine protection. Be his/her shield and bring only good things to him/her. Let us lead a happy life full of love and joy. Help us to be closer to each other every day. My love, I pray for you each day, please have a great week!
  23. My beloved, I send this prayer out to you as a gift from my heart to yours. Bless you with happiness and new love opportunities. Be safe and well wherever you are for this upcoming week. May the blessings of love surround you every day, making all your dreams come true as never before imagined.
  24. Dear Lord, I am grateful for all my blessings. Thank you for the love, kindness and friendship in my life. Please bless my dear, with good health, happiness and success in everything he does. My prayer is that our love will continue to grow every day for each other and for you. In your name I pray, Amen
  25. I pray that this week is full of positive experiences and happiness. I pray that we are together often and spend many quality moments in one another’s arms. I pray that you feel my love in your heart and soul every day, as I send it out to you with my endless devotion.
  26. I will place your worries at the foot of the cross and release them to God. I will pray for the peace, wisdom and patience that you need to spend this coming week with love in your heart, joy in your spirit and strength in your soul.
  27. May your day be filled with many blessings. I am very thankful that you are a part of my life. I hope your week is amazing!
  28. Oh God, I know I’m a sinner that doesn’t deserve Your mercy. But I ask You to give us prosperity and life this week, every day and every hour. Bless and protect our family. Fill my husband with faith in You, so he may be closer than ever to You and act according to your will. Don’t let us be idle, but help us with intentionality and honesty. Give me the strength to raise our children well. May we teach them how to love You!
  29. Dear Lord, I dedicate to you this new week to do all that I can for my love.  I want to be a part of their life and make them smile every day.  Please bless us with love and happiness, give us the strength and courage to continue to follow our dreams. Please bless my relationship by keeping it strong and healthy. Help me in making the right decisions so that this new week would be perfect.
  30. Lord, make this new week a new chapter in our love life. Wishing my dear sweetheart peace, joy and love for the day. May we grow old together and keep the romance alive.
  31. I’m praying that the new week brings us closer to you and I. That our love becomes more than words can express. I’m praying for a greater understanding of our love, for patience, for happiness and more time spent with you. May God watch over us.
  32. Dear God, I pray for my love to find success in all his endeavors this coming week. May our bond’s strength be forever strengthened and may we continue this journey of happiness together. We love you. Thank you.
  33. You make me happier than I have ever been. You are always there for me. There is nothing more I can ask for in this life than to have you by my side. Thank you for being my best friend and for keeping me warm at night and for all the kisses we share.
  34. Dear Lord, thank you for Chris. Thank you for bringing him into my life. Please help me surround him with the happiness he deserves and help us to create some new memories together. May his heart stay full of hope with every smile and may his soul be filled with joy from our love. Throughout this week, please surround Chris with positivity and follow your path for all involved. Blessings to you all!
  35. My prayer for you is that you may be constantly reminded how much I love you. That you may always keep in mind that I am thinking about you through every day, through every moment. That I will think of only good things to tell you and bring to your mind. That my feelings for you will be brought to your mind daily as a reminder of how much I love my mate!
  36. Hope as you begin this week that God will be with you in every way. I pray for strength and courage and the confidence to know you’re capable of anything. And I pray good things come your way.

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