New Week Prayer For My Sister

New Week Prayer For My Sister with Quotes

New Week Prayer for my sister: Lord bless my sister with happiness, health and the best of friends. See more below.

New Week Prayer For My Sister

  1. A new week awaits you. May it open with loving arms and kind thoughts. May the good spirits of growth, prosperity and success be yours in this coming week. We commend you and your loved ones to the loving care of the Almighty God and implore Him to bless you abundantly. Have a nice week ahead and always.
  2. Starting a new week, with the faith and belief that it’ll be better than the last. Wishing you good health, giving thanks for the life you live always hoping the best of what could be.
  3. May this new week bring you happiness, joy and love. May you find peace in your heart and may the coming days be bright with hope.
  4. Dear Lord, Thank you for this day, thank you for my sister and all her many gifts. Help me to be as generous with her as she has always been with me. May I return love for love and support for support. Grant us the wisdom we need to handle life’s challenges together with creativity, discernment, and sensitivity. May we lift each other up in prayer and help those who are in need. Be with us this week and bless us with your grace.
  5. You are such an amazing sister and friend. I want you to know how much you mean to me. As your big sister I will always be here for you, through the ups and downs in life, because I love you more than anything in the world. You mean the world to me! Happy New Week Sis.
  6. I pray your week is blessed with loving kindness. Life is a gift and love is a miracle. You are a gift to me, I love you so very much.
  7. May this week bring peace into everyone’s life. May it send people to a calm state of mind, so they can stop and think about the important things in life.
  8. Dear God, please give my sister a new week to succeed in every endeavor and seek to help those around her.
  9. Please guide my sister in all she does. May her love for you guide her to serve others, and may her heart be free from all hate. Give her strength to endure whatever comes in the next few weeks. I ask this with the most love I can muster for the most loving woman I know.
  10. Dear Lord, please keep up looking after the health of my sister. She is a very kind lady, full of laughter and fun who has suffered a bad bout of bronchitis that has left her weak in health. I pray for her speedy recovery and that she may be blessed with happiness and prosperity. In Jesus name we pray amen.
  11. I hope you have a great week full of joy and happiness. You’re the best sis any one could ever ask for! I just wanted to send you lots of love and friendship. Thanks for being there for me.
  12. I pray that you get everything you deserve this week. Especially in the way of happiness, good health and love. I hope that you make all your decisions wisely and choose to enjoy each day you have on this earth.
  13. We wish you a week filled with positive forces and joyful events. Get a smile on your face every day of this coming week through the help of our Lord.
  14. Dear God, please guide all my sister members to be happy in the week ahead. Please lift up any burdens that may be on their shoulders. Please guide them home safely if they are traveling, and may they always be surrounded by your love and support. Amen!
  15. You’re the best sister ever! I couldn’t imagine a better sister. I love you very much and even though we fight sometimes, I still appreciate and cherish every moment with you. I wish you could always stay happy and that nothing would ever come between us. I hope God keeps blessing our relationship as sisters and that we’d always help each other out in tough times. Have a great week and stay safe!
  16. Dear God, we pray for my big sister new week. We ask you to keep her safe from all harm and danger and let her feel your peace and love as only you can give it to us all. Whatever she needs this week, let it come in abundance.
  17. Dear God, please bring my sister peace in her heart. She is going through a tough time and I would like you to help her come through it as peacefully as possible. Bring her happiness in whatever way you can and I promise that I will always care for her and be there for her no matter what. Thank you God.
  18. Hope you have a good new week, sister. God bless you, and I pray that He would continue to keep you strong and safe in His care!
  19. Dear Lord, we just thank you for the new week. We have been very thoughtful the whole year, in order to glorify you throughout this week.
  20. I pray that this week will bring you so much hope, love and happiness. I pray that your year will be great, filled with good moments and lucky circumstances. Your health is priceless to me and I wish you longevity to enjoy each day and night! I believe in you, sweetheart!
  21. New week prayer for my sister that you be guided and directed by the Lord is my request as we look ahead towards the new week ahead for us all. Furthermore, we ask for your guiding hand in our endeavors that all transpires positively and positively throughout the day today.
  22. My dear sister, I hope that you are guided and directed by the Lord as we look ahead to the new week ahead. I pray for your guidance in all our endeavors that all proceeds positively today.
  23. I pray for my sister to be guided and directed by the Lord, that all unfolds positively. May we be successful in our endeavors as we proceed into the new week ahead.
  24. As my sister, I implore you hear my prayer. May you be guided and directed by the Lord this week, I ask of you. Furthermore, please allow his light to shine upon you in your endeavors today. We love you and wish you the very best!
  25. As we all look forward to the new week, I pray that you will be guided and directed by God. As well, I ask for your guidance in all our endeavors today and throughout the day.
  26. May the Lord provide you with the guidance and direction in our new week ahead, as we prepare to meet the challenges that await us all.
  27. I pray today knowing you are my source of strength and blessed hope. Encourage me today by your Word, guard me against the enemy, and remind me of your great love.
  28. Dear sister, please allow me to ask for your blessings for a peaceful and prosperous week ahead. I pray that we never quarrel among each other, that even with every adversity in life we are always ready to help each other and more importantly to forgive each other and move on, wherever our life journey may lead us.
  29. Dear God, thank you for another week and the chance to grow. Thank you for another chance to love and be loved. Bless my sister this week in her school work, in her friendships, and in her family. Guide her, help her see the beauty around her.
  30. I pray that this week be filled with blessings and happiness. Although many things can go wrong in life, I pray that you will learn from the experiences and be happy. You are an amazing person, who deserves all the best in this world. I love you, sister!
  31. I am so blessed to have you in my life. I can’t imagine what it would be like without you. I pray for you every day and hope happiness and love surrounds you. I hope the week will be good for you, filled with new opportunities and pleasurable experiences.
  32. I hope that your week turns out the way you want it to and if not I hope it at least ends on a good note. Love you sis!
  33. May all the things that you need be given to you. Have a very Happy Week!
  34. I wish you a pleasant week and I hope the following days will be all the more enjoyable. Remember: it’s important to take care of yourself!
  35. Dear lord, I’m asking for a new week for my sister in complete health, that her state of mind becomes positive. And so she will do everything she’s planned to do. Let every job be easy enough not to cause a headache, so we can be happy and peaceful. Thank you.
  36. Monday is a new week and so is my sister! You get up every morning with a smile. God has blessed me with everything I could ever want, said my joyful sister.
  37. Dear God, help my sister to remain cheerful and happy today, give her health and strength of spirit. Bless her with an easy week of work and bring to her new acquaintances that can help her in life. God, be with my sister for this entire week!
  38. Lord of all the universe, Lord of light and peace, bless my sister on this occasion. Empower her so that she may achieve her heart’s desire and give her the strength to face all the challenges in life. Grant that she may always be in your protection, forever and ever.
  39. I’m so happy for you. This has got to be your best week! You deserve it. You’re wonderful and I know that you’ll win first prize at the track meet. I love you, sister!
  40. Hey sis, this is going to be a great week! I’m really excited that the weekend is here so we can get together again, but what’s even better are the memories we’ll make and the stories we’ll tell in our 20’s.
  41. Dear Lord, thank you that this is a new week. Please fill it with good things. Please bring my sister closer to you, so she could feel your love, and help her to let your presence found throughout her day.
  42. Happy week sister. I hope it will be much of what makes you joyous. And I pray that things progress speedily at work, and that means are all provided for your family in a way that warms the heart. May this week find you, on the whole, happy and cheerful?
  43. Good morning, darling sister. I wish you a new week full of happiness and joy. May the brightest good fortune of life be as shining as your smile and may all most successful wishes come to reality. I wish you to have such cheerful day that will leave not a single problem behind. God bless you, my treasure…
  44. Dearest sister, I pray this coming week will be filled with joy and light. That the sun will shine brightly upon your life, the rain will fall gently upon your heart, the breeze will blow warmly against your spirits, the beauty of nature will surround you in peace, and you shall have an abundance of grace.
  45. May Almighty God bless you with a new week brimming with hope, joy and love. Have a Blessed Works Week ahead.

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