Thank You God For Blessing Me with Such a Wonderful Daughter

Thank You God For Blessing Me with Such a Wonderful Daughter

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  1. Thank you God for blessing me with such a wonderful daughter. Thank you for all the time we have spent together from soccer games, concerts and museums to ice cream and chocolate pudding. You mean everything to me and I am so lucky that you are part of my life. I am so proud of the beautiful person that you have become and am so blessed to be your mother!
  2. I want to thank you God for blessing me with such an awesome daughter. I don’t know what I would do without you in my life. You make me smile every day and brighten my world like no one else can.
  3. I guess I should start with how lucky I am to call you my daughter. You are the most amazing, talented and beautiful person that I know. Seeing you grow into your own person makes me so proud. I love you and I’m so grateful that I get to be a part of your life.
  4. Your smile lights up my life, it brings me joy beyond compare. I’m proud of everything you accomplish each day. You are my little ray of sunshine that warms my heart at every chance you get. You are destined for greatness and I will do anything to help see it happen.
  5. It seems like only yesterday when I was at the hospital holding you for the first time. Now I am watching you get ready to go to college. You are so beautiful I can’t believe you are mine. As I look at your perfect face, all of my thoughts are of how lucky I am to be your mother.
  6. We may have had our days of tears and disagreements, but in my heart, you will always be my little girl. No matter how old you get, I will always believe that you are my baby. I remember the day I found out about you. You were conceived when I was a freshman in college. It was a different time with different morals and beliefs, but your dad and I were committed to giving you a better life than we could ever provide. Neither of us had the necessary things to raise.
  7. Your words humbled me when you said, “Daddy, thank you for loving me. I feel bad because sometimes I forget to say thank you.” After hearing your sweet voice say those words, my heart melted like butter. Although it has been many years since mommy passed away, the pain of your loss still lingers in my mind. But when I see you smile, my anguish lifts. You are truly my joy in life. You deserve the best, and I will do anything to make you feel better.
  8. I love u more than in the depth of 1000 ocean in 1000 love I have for you; you are my princess my shining star in the dark sky in 1000 darkness I will carry u through the hard days and days full of joy I will hold your hand and let u feel my love you brighten up my life and light up all the dark night
  9. I am so glad god heard my prayers and sent me such a great daughter. I will never give you any reason to make me regret your birth. you are an angel, and I hope you can fly as high as you want.
  10. I cannot begin to tell you how much you mean to me. You are my pride and joy. You are simply the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Without you in my life I would be incomplete.
  11. you’re a blessing to me, a present from God. you’re a gift from heaven, a blessing from the lord himself. you make my life complete.
  12. I’m thinking about the day you were born. I was filled with pride and felt blessed beyond belief that I’d been entrusted with such a wonderful little girl. You made quite an entrance into this world, but from the moment I saw you I knew a great adventure was just beginning.
  13. every time somebody tells me they love my daughter I look at them like they are crazy, but I know they love her because I love her. it’s amazing how you can see somebody every day and still feel like you’ve never seen them before. she is fun to play with, very hilarious, and very sensitive. she cries easily, can be nasty sometimes, but yet she is the sweetest girl you could ever meet. she always comes around after she gets upset and always knows how to apologize,
  14. I have been blessing since the day she was born on November 26th, 2000. I still think about the day she was born on many occasions. After she was born, I kissed her on the forehead and said “I love you, my baby doll.” She had a big head of light hair at birth, which is very different than her curly tresses now! She has always had my heart since that first day although it seems like I am one of many people who love her
  15. Ever since the first day that I held her I’ve been in love with you, because as soon as you arrived, we were already attached by this invisible thread.
  16. Many years ago, our paths first crossed. I didn’t even think of it twice. I gave you my heart without a second thought. My life would never be the same again.
  17. Thank you, God, for blessing me with such a wonderful daughter. She is the light of my life! I am so glad I got the chance to meet her, and I hope to watch her grow bigger, stronger, wiser, and more beautiful each day.
  18. You are such a wonderful person. I’m not sure why God blessed me with such a beautiful and smart girl like you, but I will forever be grateful that he did. That day when I met you outside your house to take your picture in the fall leaves was the luckiest day of my life.
  19. You have brought so much happiness into my life that I don’t think you realize. You are a gift to mankind, a beautiful girl that is a credit to the world. Thank you for being you, I love you so much!
  20. I am so blessed to have a wonderful woman in my life. I worry about you, but I know you are strong-willed and will do everything in your power to come back to me. I love you so much my wonderful daughter, don’t ever forget that!
  21. I love you more than I can express with words, more than any poem, song, or any other way i could possibly convey the extent of my love for you.
  22. I can’t imagine what life would be like without you. I love you more than you will ever know. I am so proud to watch you grow into such a responsible and caring woman. You are such an inspiration that no matter what happens in my life, I still get up every morning knowing that things will get better because you are there.
  23. We’ve spent a lot of time together lately and I just want you to know that the time we’ve spent has been wonderful. I am proud of what we have accomplished and we will accomplish much more together. You’ve grown up so much, but you always make me proud.
  24. I will never forget the day you were born. You were so small and helpless, and you had so many cords and monitors attached to you. But when I finally saw your tiny face, I was instantly in love with you.
  25. You are 3 years old today. That is hard to believe, simply because you are so old in many ways. You are smart, funny, kind, caring, beautiful inside and out. Every time I think about all the things that make you who you are I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful daughter.
  26. Life is full of many beautiful moments, when we encounter the miracle of our daughter, it makes me thank God for the gift of growing old with you.
  27. you have been my companion, confident, and counsellor since the very day you were born. now you are a mature sweet-and-sassy young lady about to graduate from high school, a beautiful young woman ready to embark on a great adventure in life.
  28. A child is a blessing, and you are one of my greatest ever. You mean so much to mom and I feel so blessed to be your father.
  29. I can’t believe she is already fourteen. As I hold her in my arms, all I can say is you are growing up too fast. I remember when you were born and how small you fit in the palm of my hand. You have changed my life in more ways than anyone could ever imagine. You have pushed me to be a better person and inspired me to follow my dreams. You give me purpose and encouragement to keep moving forward.
  30. I’m so thankful for my little angel. I look at her and I can’t stop smiling. She is so precious, so sweet, and hugs me just like her dad! I hope that the two of you love each other as much as your mommy and daddy do.
  31. After losing you in that terrible horrible accident I was told I would never be the same again. I had such a hard time accepting that my life would be without you by my side. It wasn’t until soon after that I realized that I would not only find the strength to go on, but find happiness without you. Because of you, I am here. Because of you, I am me and because of you, I am happy and so alive. Thank you for all the love and caring.
  32. thank you, God, for blessing me with such a wonderful daughter. I thank you every day for her. she is the joy of my life. each day she fills my heart with love. her smile lights up my day and I cherish every moment that I share with her (and not only because she gets me coffee!). she makes me laugh. her eyes shine like bright lights in the dark. she is beautiful both inside and out. thank you, God, for blessing me with such a wonderful daughter.
  33. we will always remember this day. not because we got engaged, but because we experienced a rarity a tornado and it brought us here, to you to this moment to right now and it made us look at the world and say thank you, God, for blessing me with such a wonderful daughter.
  34. Every day with you is a new day. Every time you smile it changes my day, every time we laugh together, your spirit lights up my world and I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful daughter!
  35. I love you so much, sweetie. I just wanted to say that I love you very much & you’ve made my life worth living. you’re the best daughter in the world with the biggest heart.
  36. I know there’s a lot of hate in this world right now. But there’s a lot of love too. And you don’t hear about that nearly as much, but it’s true. And I just want you to know that, from the bottom of my heart, you have been the greatest blessing of my life. I love you so much honey.
  37. You are my everything. My life is so much better because you’re in it. I love you with all my heart and soul and I will always be there to protect you and provide for you, even when we’re old and gray.

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