Your Call Makes Me Happy Quotes

Your Call Makes Me Happy Quotes and Messages

Your call makes me happy quotes: It’s not always possible to directly express yourself to your loved one. But feeling happy is one of the best ways to express our love by even without words.

Your call makes me happy quotes showing deep commitment to relationship will help you express your feelings and fill the partner’s heart with love, happiness, and trust.

Here are some of the best your call makes me happy Quotes you can send to your loved ones,

Your Call Makes Me Happy Quotes

Your call makes me happy. Hearing your voice, knowing that I am on your mind, warms my heart like nothing else. Whenever I’m sad, your call makes me happy. When I’m mad at the world, your call makes me happy. If I get off the phone with you and still feel down, just know that you are on my mind and will definitely make me happy once we speak again!

 I was just thinking about you and realized I am so very happy. You call me anytime, you can make me happy by hearing your voice.

 I want to see you on your day off! I love you and miss your smile. Call me and come over tonight. Let’s play games or something like that. I want you to know that I can’t live without your call.

 I love hearing your voice. My heart skips a beat every time you call. The sound of your laughter is music to my ears.

 I am so glad you called. I have been waiting for this moment since you left! I’m so happy you are now back with me. It makes me happy that your happy. It’s the little things like this that make me appreciate you more and more each day. I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time together from now on. There’s nothing I’d rather do right now than just talk to you, to simply hear your voice

 All the delicious moments we have spent together and all those that still remain, I want you to know how it makes me happy to be with you, to listen to you, and feel you. All the things you have shown me are incomparable. The only thing such delicacy causes in my soul is passion. For the mere fact of being yours and having the ability to make you smile—it makes me happy.

 Your call makes me happy because I know you’re thinking of me and our wonderful times together. I miss you so much, especially when I am out with other guys because they don’t make me feel like you do. You really are my soul mate and I know you feel the same way. I love you so much and can’t wait to see you again!

 Your call at night makes me so happy. I just love to hear you breathing. It’s like a little lullaby and comforts me so much that even on the coldest of nights I can sleep peacefully, knowing that you are there with me by my side.

 You call and I run to answer it. You call and I stop doing everything else. You call and I don’t want anyone else to call me. Nothing makes me as happy as you make me, and that happiness is only multiplied when you call!.

 The Vibrant colors of love, I could never paint… The words from your voice send shivers down my spine, Just hearing your hello makes me happy.

 You make me happy. Not because of what you do, but because of being you. Being yourself and touching your heart, so simply, just with a phone call. Not only do I feel it when we are together, but also if you only give me a telephone call.

 I call to tell you that I love you. Do not know if this call has a cost, but it does not matter to me. You are worth all the money and more … My whole world is in you!

When you call, my whole body lights up. From head to toe; inside and out. I’m so happy you’re in my life and that you picked me from all the others before. I cherish every minute we spend together, each one a love letter of it’s own. When you call I feel like I’ve been touched for the first time. All over. All around. It makes me tingle and want to be with you forever.

 I would give up anything and everything just to hear your voice. The sound of your voice makes me melt, and I could listen to it for hours on end. My heart speeds up a little bit every time you call and never fails to bring a smile to my face.

 I hear your voice, and it makes my heart skip a beat. The way you sound could make a grown man cry. Hearing you is my favorite sound, my day just got better, my life started the minute you called me. I love you beyond words!

 I’m so glad we connected, I love talking to you and even more with every passing day. Other times life gets crazy but I know that when your voice is in my ears I am one super happy camper. I just want you to know that your voice makes me so happy and it gives me such joy knowing that you are part of my life.

 You make me happy beyond measures! Your call makes me all jittery, my smile only grows wider the moment you pick up the phone. Love is in full bloom with the sound of your voice. Calling me makes you special to me, I can’t wait to hear it again.

 You’re call makes me happy to hear. The realization, that your voice carries me away! All troubles disappear for a moment from my mind. My soul is filled with light and I can breathe freely. I feel you close and warm, I feel love, sincere feelings.

 Hello sweetheart, thank you for your call. It really made me happy. __ __ I waited to hear from you all day, and I don’t care that it is late at night. Every time we chat for a few minutes, my heart skips a beat. I want to talk with you forever, and nothing can stop us from reaching our goal!

 Whenever I am driving, biking or simply relaxing in front of my computer and the phone rings, I know it is you. That sound is so much a part of me that I can feel as soon as you call… When you call , my heart starts to race , with a silly little smile appearing on my face. And even when I am tired, there’s a reason for me to be happy again when we talk long enough. It is nice to think about someone who makes your heart beat faster

 Every time you call I’m swept up in a whirlwind of excitement. How do you make me feel so giddy? The sound of your words is like music to my ears. When you say ‘I love you’ it sends shivers down my spine and touches my heart. When we are apart I drift off into a dream world with thoughts of us together. Then again, I can’t get enough of hearing your voice!

 You know how much I love to hear the sound of your voice. Hearing you talk about your day and how it went really makes me happy. Although it could be a discussion on the new Star Wars movie, what you had for lunch, or a funny anecdote about your cat, I still get excited every time I hear your voice come through the receiver – even if its just calling to tell me a quick ‘I love you’ – I’ll always appreciate it.

 The sound of your voice is comfort to me. The sound of your voice is sunshine on my face. Your voice, a song that my heart dances to. Call me in the middle of the night with just one simple thing… I love you.

Your Call Makes Me Happy Quotes for Him

 I got to go back to work but I can’t stop thinking about how much I miss you. The thought of my phone even ringing makes me smile, because it will be your voice on the other line. Knowing that you’re out there thinking of me too makes me happy. I love you so much!

 You are the love of my life. You make me so happy and I wake up each morning eagerly awaiting your call.

 My world becomes so much brighter whenever I hear your voice. Getting a call from you would make my day! My heart dances from just hearing your voice in the morning. You give me a reason to tell you “I love you” daily.

 My days seem to drag on until I hear your voice, my heart always skips a beat when you call and I love you even more when your voice comes through my phone.

 My love. The one that I love, the one that I care and the person who can make me feel happy – he is only you. The one who will make me smile no matter how I’m feeling at that moment.

 It always makes me happy to hear your voice. I look forward to hearing from you and I can’t wait for our date later. Just hearing you makes my day brighter. I love dealing with all of that paperwork because it is a constant reminder of how much time we will have together tonight!

 You make my heart beat faster. You and only you, as sweet as a love poem. I swear, when you call me my day begins. As if I’m walking on air. I have never felt this way before about anyone or anything. You’re my life, my heaven, my earth and everything in between. I hope you know how much I love and appreciate every little thing that you do for me!

  Your call makes me happy. I am in no other mood when I hear your voice and the sound of those three magic words. “Hi Honey,” you say, and a big smile creeps across my face. There’s nothing like the feeling I get in my heart when you call me because it means you’re thinking about me.

 A call from you makes my day, I lose the ability to breathe when you are on the phone. I get butterflies in my stomach and I think about you every minute that we aren’t together. I love you so much.

 My life is more complete because of your calls. When I hear the phone ring, my heart skips a beat and I wait in anticipation for you to say Hi baby! Everything is better because I love you. You bring me so much happiness in this world that I can’t hold it all in sometimes. I just want to scream…I LOVE YOU!!

 I love hearing your voice, no matter how far away we are, your calls always put a smile on my face. I love you with all my heart!

 Life is short and beautiful, but it can also sometimes be hard and lonely and that’s when you need to just call me! That feeling is amazing and I love it! I love the way you laugh when I make a joke. I love how adorable your smile is. I like the way your hair smells, like strawberries. I like how easy it is to talk to you. When we’re apart, I think about you every day and wonder what you’re doing.”

 Every time we hang up I can’t help but think about when I will get to hear your voice again. I know it seems silly, but you make my day. Love you baby!

 I love hearing your voice on the phone. It makes me smile and pushes away any worries that I may have. When you call my heart fills up with joy and it is hard to contain my excitement. You are always on my mind and I can’t wait to hear from you again soon!

 I am so lucky to have you in my life. I hope our love lasts forever and that I never loose your voice on the other end of a phone. No matter what, you always call me back, you always make me smile. You are my best friend, my love, and my boyfriend. You are the love of my life Chris and I can’t wait to spend forever with you!

 Sending you a smile or call is my way of letting myself speak to you and letting you know that I’m missing you. I feel happier whenever we talk and sometimes, like now, I feel the happiest person in this world because you are with me.

 I know you’re busy focusing on your career, but I just wanted to thank you for calling or emailing me. Whether it’s an i message or text message while you’re at the office, it makes me happy.

 I love hearing your voice. I didn’t know if you’d call or not when you said you would, but I am so glad that you did! I am so happy to hear your voice and even happier to be talking to you. Come home soon!

I was hoping you could call me tonight while I’m getting ready for bed, just to hear your voice is all I need to get my day started off right.

Your Call Makes Me Happy Quotes for Her

The sound of your voice is what makes my world go around. It’s like music to my ears and a drug I wish I could always be on. Just hearing you can put a smile on my face instantly and you have the ability to turn something terrible into something wonderful by just one little phone call. I cherish every minute with you, and I am constantly counting down the days till we are together again!

 I love the sound of your voice on the phone. I crave hearing it and miss it when you are gone. I can always tell what kind of day you had by how you sound on your calls, but even when you are having a bad day, hearing you still makes my heart smile. I love our nightly conversations and counting them as some of my happiest moments.

 Every time you call me I just get happier and happier. I feel so special that you think of me all day, and I’m so glad you like to talk to me as much as I like to talk to you. There is no one in the world I’d rather talk to.

My heart STOPS when you call me. I love your voice and the sound it makes when you say my name. I love your eyes, the way they melt when we kiss. I love your smell, the way it invades my nostrils and stays forever.

 I have never been so happy to hear your voice. The entire world melts away when you’re on the phone.

 Your call makes me happy and my day brighter. I just adore the sound of your voice and I can get lost in conversation for hours! I love you.

 I miss you so much darling. All I want to do right now is hear your voice. A single voicemail or even a cheery ‘What’s up’ text would make me so happy. Just call my name when you think of me tonight and I know I will smile!

 You called me today, and I can’t stop smiling. Each time we talk, you make my day better. Your voice is so beautiful, and your words are so sweet. Thank you for your call baby, each time it makes me happy beyond words!!

 There is no other feeling that can compare to the way my heart flutters every time I hear your voice. I want to turn starry-eyed when you call I love hearing your voice!

He loves me so much that I can’t help but smile every time I hear his voice. He makes my heart melt with his words, and it feels like home when I’m near him. He brings me peace when he holds me and speaks softly in my ear. I love you more than anything in this world, my prince charming!

 You make me happy. You make me smile. You brighten up my day when I am having a bad day. You give me butterflies in my stomach like no other. We have been through so much already, but if I can get through it with you I can get through anything. I love you 🙂

 Your call makes me happy and sad, happy because I can hear your voice again, sad because I don’t get to see your face.

 I will always remember the first time I heard your voice. It was like a dream! Your call makes me happy!

 I can’t tell you how happy your call makes me. I know it’s not always easy for you to call, but every time I hear your voice my heart sings. Hearing your voice makes me realize how lucky I am to have found that one person who makes my life complete.

 Hello beautiful, it’s your lover. I just wanted to tell you that I love you and that your voice on the telephone makes me happy! Thank you for calling. It’s great to be talking to you!

 One of the most amazing feelings in the world is hearing your voice on the phone. You don’t even have to say anything, you just have to be there. You make me so happy by just letting me hear you breathe, knowing that everything is ok in this world and I can just relax for a minute.

 I was having a bad day but your call made my day. It doesn’t matter what the situation is. The fact that I get to hear your voice at least once in a while makes me one happy man!

 I’m so lucky to have someone like you in my life, someone who makes me so happy. This world would be a very boring place if I didn’t have you by my side. I promise I will be the best boyfriend that I can be, so make sure and call me often. I really miss hearing your voice and talking to you on the phone.

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