63rd Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Parents

63rd Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Parents

Happy 63rd Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad! 63 years of marriage – WOW! In honor of your 63rd Anniversary, we wanted to share the cutest and funniest wedding anniversary quotes and messages for mom and dad. 63rd Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Parents

63rd Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Mom and Dad

  1. To my parents, the two people that I admire most in this world. This is your 63rd wedding anniversary, and it is no coincidence that marriage number one was when I was just a little girl. I hope you both know how incredibly lucky you are to have found love when you did and how lucky I am to have had such amazing role models in my life. Although we don’t always see eye to eye, or agree on everything, I can’t imagine my life without. Love you!
  2. The years have been kind to you both. You have been kind to each other. In the years since your wedding, I have come to appreciate you more and more. From here on out, I hope you find a little more time for yourselves. I hope you travel a little more. I hope you do a little less for others and a little more for yourselves. Congratulations on your 63rd anniversary!
  3. Mom and dad, I can’t wait for you to come back from your anniversary cruise. You will never know how much your love and guidance has meant to me. Your memories are a blessing that will last a lifetime. When I think of the happiest moments of my life the first thing that comes to mind is sitting on you lap as a child or laughing over stories about life with you.
  4. My happy, healthy, loving parents are my treasured friends. I feel very blessed to be linked with you for all eternity. Countless milestones have made you even more special. My husband and I are overjoyed to share this very special day with you both. Happy 63rd wedding anniversary!
  5. Happy Anniversary Momma and Daddy! I hope you know how much I love you two. I am so blessed to have you in my life. You are my strength, my courage, my laugh, my motivation- truly the best parents anyone could ever ask for. I love you!
  6. Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa! From the moment I was born you have been by my side, teaching me, loving me and teaching me to love. You’ve given me everything you can, your time, your kindness, your love. I promise to continue following in your footsteps as I raise my own family.
  7. I love you. You are the best parents anyone could ever ask for. Mom, your strength amazes me every day. You help me with things I just can’t handle on my own. I truly am blessed to have great parents like you two! I know neither of you will ever be able to read it since you are both losing your eyesight, but the words are there all the same! I want you both to know that your children are thinking of you today and are wishing you a happy wedding anniversary!
  8. Ever since I was born, you have shown me how special family can be. The love you have for each other is contagious, and I want nothing more than to show mine for you. You are my heroes. Happy 63rd wedding anniversary!
  9. I know you’ve been married a long time and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. You have been a great example of love, patience and devotion. The love you two share is crystal clear for anyone to see. I am honored to be a part of it. Happy 63rd wedding anniversary!
  10. I only knew you a short time. I fell madly in love with your daughter and she, with me. We had a beautiful baby daughter and you two had the most amazing daughter in the world. You gave her so much love and encouragement on her way to becoming a success. Happy 63rd wedding anniversary!
  11. My parents have been together for a long time, almost half a century. I’m so very happy to be sending this card today. Isn’t it amazing that their love for each other has actually grown stronger? I know that the next ten years will be just as full of love and happiness. Happy 63rd wedding anniversary!
  12. Words can’t ever do justice to the love you two have given me. Through the years I have learned so much from your example your unwavering commitment to each other, how to work hard, to do the right thing no matter what, to always be there for others, to be compassionate and caring. I love you both so much. Happy 63rd wedding anniversary!
  13. Your love for each other is something I will always strive to find. You are the best parents anyone could ask for, and the very reason why I am the person I am today. I thank you always for having me in your lives, but most importantly, Thank You for raising me to be a great man!
  14. Mom and Dad, I’m writing this as you enjoy your first day of freedom here in Florida! The sun shines brightly, the water sparkles and you look at each other as if it were your very first date. I am blessed beyond belief to have you for my parents, and the gift of love you have shown me all my life is greater than anything else I have experienced. Happy 63rd wedding anniversary!
  15. I won’t be there by your side to show you the true feelings I have for you. I want you to know that being your daughter was the best thing that ever happened to me. The love I have for you is so deep it runs through my blood, seeps out of my veins, and pumps through my heart. I hope one day to find someone who knows what real love is, because then they will see how much I love you both. Love your daughters!
  16. Mum, Dad. You have been married 63 years, from the day you met you have been a perfect match with endless amounts of love and laughter for each other. I wish you a night with sweet dreams of your wedding day and a hundred more years to follow full of happiness and joy.
  17. The stories you have told have been truly amazing. The little moments you have shared have been so touching and heartwarming. At this anniversary I can say that it has been a joy to know you both. You were our role models in what love is, so thank you for being the kind souls that you are. Happy anniversary Mom and Dad!
  18. That day over sixty-three years ago, you were the best thing to happen to each other. The love you share is something I strive for. I hope our love will last as long as yours and grow every year like you have. Happy anniversary.
  19. Dear Mom and Dad, I was thinking about you the other day. How in this world did I get so lucky to have you as parents? On your anniversary, I want you to know that I am eternally grateful for all your love, help and support. I never knew what love was until I had both of my incredible parents in my corner. The four of us are one giant family, joined by unconditional love. It is an honor to share this milestone. Happy 63rd wedding anniversary!
  20. Dear mom & dad, as time goes on, I find myself doing things for you that I would have done for no one else. Your love for me has grown over the years, but the love you show to other people is what makes me proud to be your daughter. You are both without equal. Happy 63rd wedding anniversary!
  21. As much as I would like to hold onto you forever, I will let you go now. Soon enough, I will be following your footsteps, bringing love and happiness into the life of another who I hope will be as wonderful as you have been to each other. Happy 63rd wedding anniversary!
  22. This milestone in your lives is a reflection of the life that you have lived. You have raised a family, juggled careers, and have worked hard to be a part of our everyday home life. Thank you for being the foundation of our family and being there to catch us when we fall. You seem to have all the answers, but it’s no wonder with the love that you share with each other. There could never be a better mother and father for me. Happy 63rd wedding anniversary!
  23. As time goes by, I ‘ve learned to appreciate you more and more. We’ve shared so much together over the years, and I ‘m honored to call you, my parents. If I could take all your pain away, I would. You deserve nothing but happiness in this life. From the bottom of my heart, I send you warm wishes for a very Happy 63rd Wedding Anniversary!
  24. For 63 years, you have been the most supportive parents a child could ask for. You have always been there for me no matter what and showed me unconditional love and devotion. Because of you, I know what the love and marriage is like and want to find that passion with someone.
  25. I can’t believe it has been 63 years! I don’t know how you did it. You were so full of life and love all those years. You are my inspiration for life now. Your love for each other always shined through everything you did! That is what I want our legacy to be, Love that lasts forever, even though this world changes at every turn. Love that never dies! I hope we can do half as well as you two have done! Happy Anniversary.
  26. I hope I’m still close with you at 63. I couldn’t think of two people that deserve this more. You are amazing parents and great role models for me. I love you both so much!
  27. Every day I wake up it is because you are the best parents a daughter could ever have. You are perfect in every way, always putting people before yourselves. I’m so lucky to call you mom and dad. I love you more than you will ever know!
  28. Mom and Dad, I don’t think that words could express the love that my brother and I have for you. You are always there when we need you, no matter what. We are so proud to share in your memories, laughter and tears. We couldn’t ask for better parents or grandparents!
  29. My parents, I am so thankful for you both. You have always been by my side, guiding me and loving me. But as a young child you showed me the definition of true love by being there unconditionally for me, teaching me how to have fun, and never allowing me to take myself too seriously.
  30. Mom and Dad, somehow, you’ve managed to make your 63rd year of marriage as strong and as romantic as your first. But I think there is a reason for this and it has nothing to do with luck maybe it’s because you’ve never stopped loving each other. I hope there is a special place in heaven waiting for both of you, because whoever you are up there, I’m sure he or she loves you very much.
  31. Happy 63rd Anniversary to two of the most amazing people I know. Your love and devotion to each other is inspiring and you continue to inspire all those who know you; it’s one of the things I admire about you the most. Your example reminds me that my life should revolve around love, not money or status. Thank you for always being there for me and showing me what true love really means. I can finally see that now because of all that you’ve taught me.

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