You Are My Hero Quotes for Boyfriend

You Are My Hero Quotes for Boyfriend

You Are My Hero Quotes for Boyfriend: What should you say to your boyfriend when he has done something that makes you fall more in love with him? A good way of telling him what you feel about him is by writing a letter or a note telling him how much you love him.

You are my hero is a romantic quote to tell your boyfriend. Wording a beautiful message can be one of the most challenging aspects of writing poetry.

However, if this task falls into your lap and you are not particularly good with words, this might just be the right time for you to take inspiration from these great examples of you are my Hero quotes.

Here are some sample quotes that will help you express your feelings for your boyfriend.

You Are My Hero Quotes for Boyfriend

  • You are my hero. The man that I spent every night dreaming about since we first met. Every moment with you is unforgettable, and every word that comes out of your mouth is honest and pure. I love you and I always will.
  • I love you at your best and I love you at your worst. I have seen the tears in your eyes and the smile on your face. You are my hero, and my heart beats for you every second of every day!
  • My love, you are the most amazing man I have ever known. You give me strength when I am weak, and share your love freely with everyone you cross paths with. You bring me so much happiness that I cannot stop smiling every time I am around you. Every day is better because you are in my life.
  • I am so grateful for every second I get to spend with you. You are my hero and always will be. I love you with all my heart!
  • Being your girl is my greatest joy. you hold my hand when I’m scared, love me faithfully when I’m not, support me even when i don’t, and you’re my first thought in the morning and the last before I fall asleep. You are the man that all girls want but can never find….and now I’ve found you!
  • When you are in my arms I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. You make me feel so loved and special. I could never dream of a better love than I have with you. Our time together is precious and there is never enough.
  • You are my best friend, my confidant, the man I want to spend my life with. You have shown me a love that I have never known. I will always love you.
  • You are my hero. I love you because you have never tried to change me… even when I have changed myself into someone no longer recognizable, through school, or jobs, or relationships. You still loved me and that tells me so much about who you are as a person, and what our relationship is like.
  • I want to thank you for always being there to listen. Whenever I’m upset, you are always my first call! You are the sweetest guy I know and the most thoughtful boyfriend in the world. I love you so much!
  • You are an amazing man and I love you so much. I would do anything for you because you are worth more than any words could ever express. You are very loving and thoughtful, and you treat me with such special attention. I love looking into your eyes and seeing the reflection of my own self, living through your beautiful eyes. I am very lucky to have found you.
  • I am so lucky to have found you and so glad your mine. My heart melts and I get butterflies every time I see you. You are my hero, my everything.
  • I love you, more than anything in the whole wide world. I miss you even before you’ve left. I feel helpless and empty without you here. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, have children with you, grow old with you and never let go. You are my hero and my world, and it would be my privilege to be your wife.
  • It is going to be our 1 year anniversary in only a few days and I can’t wait for that day. I remember the night we first met and I think about what has happened between then and now. You are the one that makes me feel secure, the one that makes me feel like I have nothing to fear anymore. Although it is scary at times, I love you. No matter what happens in this world as long as you are with me no harm will ever come to me
  • I love you more than I have words to express. You are so important to me and I want to be with you forever and ever and forever. You are my best friend, the only one that gets me and makes me feel like everything is going to be okay in my life. I can’t wait for the day we will be together forever!
  • You are my hero! Life is an adventure that I wouldn’t want to live without you. I love you with all my heart and soul.
  • Will you always be my hero? I want to hold your hand and never let go. I want to be the one that makes you melt every single day. I love you more than anything, more than words can describe.
  • I love you more than I can ever convey with words. You are my hero and always will be.
  • I love you more today than yesterday. Today more than yesterday I love you. And if tomorrow comes I will love you again more. You are always in my heart, and you always will be. You are my hero!
  • You are the best thing to ever happen to me. Everytime I think of you my heart skips a beat because that is how much you mean to me. You give me butterflies when you smile and tears of joy when you kiss me. Don’t ever forget how much I love you!
  • My dearest, I hope that you have the most wonderful Valentine’s Day ever. I thank you for loving me and taking care of me and all that you do. You are the best boyfriend. I love you so much!
  • I don’t know what I did to deserve a man as amazing as you. Everyday I thank the stars and the heavens above that you came into my life. You are the love of my life and you always will be. Your smile lights up my world with its shine and your laugh is like music to my ears. I love you with every fiber of my being and no matter what I will always be there for you, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, till death do us
  • I’ll admit it. I was nervous for tonight. You see, I haven’t gotten you anything that you would find special or meaningful. I want to thank you again for being the most amazing boyfriend in the world. You are my hero and my biggest source of support and inspiration!
  • You are my hero, my hero. There’ll never be anyone else like you. You make me feel so special and you always know just what to do. You really are my hero, my hero.
  • You are the hero in my story. You came in and saved me when I needed you most. Without you, there is no me, there is no us. You are just that important to me, and I am so glad to have found you. It took a lot for me to pick myself up after the last time we were apart, but you did it. You helped me gain confidence again, and I now know that you will never turn your back on me. Thank you so much my love.
  • There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, you are my one and only, my everything. You’re the reason that I want to smile everyday and why I love waking up to a beautiful new day. Thank you for making me so happy! I love you so much!
  • You are so special to me, you light up my life. You are the love of my life. I woke up next to you today feeling overly content and completely at peace, because it’s always been your arms that I’ve wanted to stay in. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, there is nothing I wouldn’t give for you. You complete me in a way that no one else can ever come close to.
  • I will never, ever stop falling more in love with you. You are the perfect complement to my life and I am so lucky to call you mine. Every day I thank my lucky stars that your heart beat alongside mine. My passionate little lover, you make my heart sing.
  • Thanks for always being there for me. You have a steady and unwavering love that has held me together and made me stronger. On this day, February 21st, I am filled with great joy knowing that you are going to be my husband. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you and grow old together.

My Boyfriend is My Hero Quotes

  • You are my hero! Although I can’t put into words how much you mean to me, I hope this shows just how much you inspire me. I love you so much and could not be happier in our relationship.
  • Your love is the air that I breathe, for without you I would suffocate. You are my hero, my soul mate, and my lover. When you wrap your arms around me and kiss me, it feels like coming home.
  • I can’t believe that you are mine. I’m so thankful that I found you. You are the kindest, bravest and most beautiful person I know. You’ve helped me to be a better person and if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be the one I am today. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love you more than anything.
  • My love, I am in awe of your strength. You’ve been through so much these last few months, and have come out on the other side. You’re my hero.
  • I am so in love with you. It’s like a fairytale love story, when the prince saves the princess and they live happily ever after. You are my savior, my knight in shining armor, my everything. I am so lucky to have found you. I could never ask for a more perfect life that I am currently living.
  • You are the biggest part of my every single thought. You are imbedded in all there is to me. I can’t imagine yesterday without you, today without you or tomorrow without you… Here’s to finding our promised tomorrow, together.
  • You are my everything. You make my heart skip a beat. You are the best gift I ever received, the most wonderful person I have ever known. I love you with all my heart!
  •  You are my rock, the love of my life. I couldn’t imagine a life without you in it. I never want to leave your side. You are charming, kind, funny and a hero. I wish I could be as perfect for you as you are for me. It kills me to think about what I would do if something ever happened to you because that is impossible. You have given me strength when I thought I couldn’t go on, hope when hope was lost
  •  I never thought I would be lucky enough to find you, but now that I have, my life is complete. Thank you for being there for me when I need someone the most, for putting up with me through everything. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and completely. You are my hero.
  •  I sometimes can’t believe that I am actually lucky enough to be in your arms. Your enormous love is my greatest treasure. Our kiss makes me forget all my fears and sorrows. I feel like a princess or a queen when you are nearby.
  •  I love you. You saved my life and without you I would have nothing. I didn’t think I would fall for you like this but you have captured my heart and soon I will be yours forever. Thank you for being the kindest soul ever. You make every day worth living. I love you’s.
  •  You are the most beautiful person I have ever met inside and out. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I know our love will never end because every day we grow closer and closer. You are my soul mate, I love you!
  •  I love you for all the ways you are there for me, to hold my hand in the scary moments, to kiss away my tears after a tragedy, to comfort in times of need. I love you for showing me your vulnerability and giving me the best gift anyone could ever ask for – your heart.
  •  My love for you knows no bounds, and my heart longs to be with you more than anything. At times I can’t fathom why I am so blessed to have you. Finding someone who makes me feel like I fill make it through each day is a gift that doesn’t come easily. You alone have filled my life with such happiness that I am extremely grateful for.
  •  You are my best friend, my everything. Your smile is my sunshine on rainy days. You bring happiness into my life that I never knew possible. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you and grow old together.
  •  Words can never express how much you mean to me. You have always been there, through the good and the bad, you are always there. You have saved me time and time again, and I just don’t know where i would be without you. You are my life, my soulmate, my everything. You are the most amazing person I have ever met, and I can’t even begin to thank you for everything you do for me everyday.
  •  I wanna let you know how wonderful you are, how happy I am and how lucky I am to have you as my boyfriend. With all my love.
  •  I am always thinking of you. From the moment I wake until I fall asleep. No matter what I do, no matter whom I see, I only want you. I love you more than anyone in the world and its forever. You are the love of my life!
  •  I love you more than you could possibly imagine. I am so grateful for you and everything you’ve done for me. I can’t believe that this beautiful creature wants to be with me and loves me so much! Everything about you is perfect and I love it all. I love how we laugh together, how your eyes shine, how we make each other happy, how your touch makes my heart skip a beat, and most of all…I love YOU! I will always treasure
  •  I love you for who you are, how you make me feel and the way that you look at me with those eyes. I can’t explain it but I feel this amazing connection between us. You are my rock through life’s storms and my sunshine in the rain.
  •  I am fortunate to know you as I do. I will never stop loving you, touching you, kissing you, holding you, or laughing with you. We are stronger as a couple than we could ever be alone. Thank you for loving me!
  •  You are my hero. The one that I run to when I’m having a bad day. The one who can always make me smile. The one who knows how to brighten my spirits with nothing but your presence. You are more than I could ever ask for and I am thankful every day that we found each other. I love you!
  •  You are my everything and I am so lucky to have you. You should know how much I love you and how much you mean to me. There is no love quite like ours and I will never take it for granted. Our life together is a true blessing that I eagerly await each day. You are my hero!
  •  I love you with every bit of my being. The thought of your smile, the warmth in your eyes, the sound of your voice, all fuel the fire inside that burns for you. ​ I can’t describe how happy you make me feel or exactly when it happened but somewhere along the way I fell madly and deeply in love with you. I know that I could never live without you next to me.
  •  I just want to tell you how amazing you are. It was so easy to fall in love with you, and it was the best decision I ever made. I am so proud to be by your side, for us to live our life together. You have done so much for me already in such a short time, and I can’t wait until we get to do everything together! I hope we stay together forever. You mean the world to me, and my heart beats a little faster
  •  I feel like I’m the luckiest girl alive to have you as my boyfriend. You are my everything. I love spending time with you and I can’t wait to see where life takes us.
  •  I am so lucky of finding your love. The million stars in the sky will be outshined when I look into your eyes. Every second I see your face, a million thoughts run through my head. I will forever stay by your side and make sure you are always happy. You’re my everything
  •  So, I apologize in advance, but just know that what I’m about to say comes from the bottom of my heart. You are the love of my life; my inspiration, my rock, my soul mate. You have made me who I am and without you by my side I can’t imagine how half of what we’ve done would have been possible. Everyday with you is better than the last and even though I’ve been with you for only a little

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